Diablo 2 “lod balance and gameplay mod”


Mod improves balance and gameplay. Now the characters have more choices of development due to the changed balance.

Peculiar properties:

  • Gold has become more useful.
  • Slightly improved energy.
  • Corrected the damage of some weapons, changed the parameters.
  • Now you can cross mascots and even buy in “gamble”.
  • Changed basic equipment of heroes.
  • Reduced prices of attacking potions, throwing weapons, scrolls.
  • The ability to drill sockets in the gear.
  • Inventory, chest and cube were increased.
  • Improved stones and skulls (now it makes more sense to collect and purple name) and runes, added additional effects.
  • New recipes for cube.
  • Changed the balance of mercenaries, heroes, bosses.

Diablo 2 “lod balance and gameplay mod”
Upload time: 6.09.2018
Size: 5.34 MB

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