Grand Theft Auto 3 “GTA Frosted Winter: Ultimate Winter Mod (Russian version of the mod)”


For those who want to tell that already was, I will note, than this release differs from the others:

– Half the weight of the archive.
– Attached everything you need to run.
– There is a translation.
– If you don’t mind to download even 500 MB specially for you has Packed the archive with the selection of music to the fashion of its author.

In this modification you will find:

– Very well-designed city, wrapped in snow
– The only in this kind of plot mod for GTA 3, which is not so much intriguing, but simply has to pass, because of it you get pleasure.
– A lot of features added from the GTA 3 receiver, Vice City. The main ones are the possibility to buy real estate, change clothes, stay in a dozen different kinds of interiors, fly a helicopter.
– There’s a ton of secrets in fashion. For those who like to look for any good, there are hidden secret packages, and added other collected, like mummies, Bonuses and Mysterious boxes. And if you and this is not enough – you can try your luck in finding different monsters and ghosts, as well as G-Man’a of Half-Life.

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