Fallout 4 “Vault 494 – A Vault-Tec Story”


This modification adds to the game research quest, which will tell you the story of another crazy experiment volt-Tech. The passage will take about 1-2 hours. If you like research and pre-war as well as post-war stories in the world of Fallout, then this modification is for you. Explore a new shelter, find out what happened to its inhabitants and decide what to do with this Shelter on (the choice of the end of the last quest for you). To begin, go to the Sheriff’s Department on hunt (!) and find Big Frank’s shop.

The modification includes

A new shelter and a new mark on the map

4 main quests and several small tasks in the area of residence of residents.

At the end of the passage you will remain:

  1. Named rifle with legendary effect;
  2. Overalls and armor of the Shelter 494;
  3. New decoration for workshop;
  4. New recipe Superstippi for chemical laboratory;
  5. Lots of loot.


  • Additional modifications and DLC are not required

Known issue:

  • Revealed, available in the Shelter machines for the sale of goods for tokens cause a hang of the game when trying to pick up the paid goods from the delivery window. The use of automatic machines is not recommended.

Installation: using NMM

Fallout 4 “Vault 494 – A Vault-Tec Story”
Upload time: 17.09.2018
Size: 108.78 MB

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