Absolver “Patch 1.07 161 (15137) to 1.071 182 (15544) The GOG”


Description and instructions
List of patch changes (October 11, 2017)


We recently moved a few updates on the server side to eliminate the problems with the disabling of combat tests, loads and teleports.
Also pushed a small 30MB client side of the patch last Friday to fix the recurring problems with GOG / Steam cross-play
Currently we are working on another patch focused on other online enhancements, it is currently being tested and should be deployed in the next few days for everyone.
Anti-cheat also works

Updating content

A large update of the content should be released at the end of the month, and will be shipped with some add-ons we know what you were waiting for!
The best of the list: easier to manage, you will have new tools for sorting and get rid of what you do not want
We will also give you a new way to get equipment and replenish supplies. To celebrate, new equipment will also be thrown into the mix!

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