Age of Empires 3 “Rotating buildings in ESO”



Description and instructions:

Well, I think there’s nothing to explain, everything is clear from the title, in single or in ESO. We get some function of scrolling developers for some reason.

We choose the building that we are going to build, press l. ALT and spin the mouse wheel.

Checked in the Steam version in AoE III: Complate Collections

Copy the file “user.con” to:
C: \ Users \ Artem PS \ Documents \ My Games \ Age of Empires III \ Startup

P.S. made the file in a hurry, purely for the standard version, because only there I sit in ESO, it is very convenient for network battles, and it’s just nice to see. And yes, I know that there are similar files that have been uploaded specially for PG users.

Age of Empires 3 “Rotating buildings in ESO”
Upload time: 28.02.2018
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