ARAYA “Update 20161127, 20170303”



Description and instructions:

Update on 11/27/2016
1. Improve the system of dynamic interactive scenes.
2. Correcting visualization errors
3. Correcting the error of the sound clip,
which is sometimes not reproduced.
4. Correction of various errors.
5. Correcting the mouse position error when playing in the virtual reality mode.
6. Correction of the error, because of which the player could not earn achievements.
At the moment we are working on supporting joystick control.

Patch update 03/03/2017

1. Support for XBox controllers
2. Includes Y-Axis invert camera option
3. Includes Chapter selection menu
4. Fixes to the Achievement bugs
5. Fixes to several Graphical glitches

ARAYA “Update 20161127, 20170303”
Upload time: 22.03.2018
Size: 2.38 GB

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