Beholder “Update 20170322”


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Ministry of Propaganda reports:

The Ministry of Counterintelligence has made great strides in exposing foreign spies. As a result, more than a hundred spies were expelled from our progressive state, and the damage caused by them was leveled. In particular, the Ministry of Damage Leveling corrected the following errors:
Fixed a bug that caused the “Get All” button to not appear when you first opened the desktop;
Fixed a bug due to which the control of the gamepad was blocked during theft under certain conditions;
Fixed a bug due to which, after reassignment, the control was stored on the old keys;
Fixed a bug in scrolling text in the work log;
Fixed incorrect display of control legend for the controller;
Fixed a bug that caused the scrolling of the task list not to work during the pausing of the game;
Fixed a bug due to which it was not possible to scroll the list of clues when using the gamepad;
Fixed a bug due to which there was an opportunity to search objects in the apartment while catching the main character’s red-handed;
Fixed a bug due to which the protagonist could stay in the apartment after he paid off the police;
Fixed a bug due to which after theft blocked progress in the case of a conversation with two policemen;
The Ministry of Foreign Policy looks seemingly calm, but in fact the work boils inside the ministry! To increase the influence on neighboring states, the following steps were taken:
Added support for Chinese traditional (zh-tw), Japanese (ja) and Italian (it);
Improved translation of Chinese traditional (zh-cn) language;
The Ministry of Innovation continues to successfully implement advanced solutions, namely:
Added the ability to display the current task in the quest log when using the controller;
Changed the logic of selecting cameras and furnishings in the apartment: up / down keys D-Pad – switching between the choice of cameras and furnishings, left / right D-Pad – switching between cameras or between items of furniture;
The Ministry of Narcissism does not cease to update the section Authors / Credits. Our Wise Leader is seriously considering the possibility of using this section in the future as a census tool, because every day the Beholder project becomes more and more popular!

Beholder “Update 20170322”
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