Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 “Patch 1.5.8hotfix1-1.5.9”


Changes in version 1.5.9:

Bentley Remastered Add-on
Saved backups are stored separately from local files (the Steam Cloud does not affect backups)
The sound of opening / closing the menu is changed
New Italian localization

Installation Instructions:

Download the patch archive from this page
Open the downloaded archive using WinRAR
Run the patch install file
Click on the Browse button and specify the folder with the game installed
(For example: E: / Games / Car Mechanic Simulator 2018)
Make sure there is a check mark for Backup
(Creates a backup of all affected files during the update)
Press the Start button and wait for the update of the game files to finish.
(An inscription appears in the “Operation Successfully Completed!” Window)
Click the Exit button or just close the window.

Frequent installation problems:

Patches are placed only on the assembly of the game, which does not have any user changes and is a complete copy of the original game from Steam
You are trying to install a patch not on that version of the game. All our patches are rolling and placed only strictly in order. Carefully see which patch and which version you are installing!

Important information:

In the patch, the localization files and the ini file are replaced (in connection with the DLC output), if you get an error related to ALI213.ini, use the file from the Archive before the patch

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