Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 “Patch 1.5.9-1.5.10”


Description and instructions:

Changes in version 1.5.10:
In the showroom you can now change the car’s variation
Added sounds of instruments
Improved car physics
Fixed bugs with X-ray
Fixed the installation of the Bentley GT engine on the crane
Circular menu and exit menu can not be opened at the same time
Fixed some elements of the interface
Fixed preview of license plates
Tuning details now have correct descriptions
The measured power of the car is now correctly stored
Fixed bug with loading cars from the workshop
Fixed bug with improper trunk / hood closing
Added sounds of the information menu
Simplified allocation of propeller shaft
Fixed an oil drain failure
Fixed saving of radio
The tuning details now have a rust mask
Fixed a bug of the tester of the protector
Fixed bugs with Smith 1500 XL
Fixed bug with fast change of mounting / dismounting mode
Added new types of parts: front_clamshell, rear_clamshell
Optimized data

Installation Instructions:

Download the patch archive from this page
Open the downloaded archive using WinRAR
Run the patch install file
Click on the Browse button and specify the folder with the game installed
(For example: E: / Games / Car Mechanic Simulator 2018)
Make sure there is a check mark for Backup
(Creates a backup of all affected files during the update)
Press the Start button and wait for the update of the game files to finish.
(An inscription appears in the “Operation Successfully Completed!” Window)
Click the Exit button or just close the window.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 “Patch 1.5.9-1.5.10”
Upload time: 15.02.2018
Size: 1.55 GB

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