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Bugfixes addressed in V1.33

-Loading of items is now more robust. This was the major reason for the corrupted savegames.
-Instantiation of charm plates fixed-click twice on it. This also prevents item corruption from happening.
-Fixed bug with passive skills like ranger sight and magic barrier that would get permanent increments of the stats when loading

Story fixes: A lot of the following fixes are only valid if you start a new game. However, if you do not start a new game, installing the patch has no adverse effect.

– Fix for being able to enter Stormfist Castle through cellar.
– Fixing for Joram speaking of Mardaneus being sick even after curing him.
– Fix for Maria becoming invisible shortly and having her attitude change to 0
– Fix for trolls being dead when arriving at the bridge and the guards being
– Fix for the possibility of drinking the bottle of ale you need to get for rob
– Fix for the problem where the balin class in the sewers of Verdistis caused by other npc’s to become hostile when killing them
– Fixed: Balin in prison triggers at the wrong times causing locking
– Merchants Guild Tingalf quest problem solved.
– Fixed: Becoming a member of the Merchants
– Fixed: Slasher scene can go go wrong
– Fixed: George killed monologue
– Fixed: Succubus scene problems
– Fixed: Sir Markham problem with dialogue starting to soon
– Ficed: Dwarven town crier scene problems when it triggers several times, and he moved around
– Fixed: Rob dialog, dialog option “I need more time” does not disappear
– Fixed: broken wheel quest
– Fixed: Corinna takes the wine she needs too early
– Fixed: Story problem at graveyard
– Fixed: Problem with key in. Elrath’s house: If finding it before the scene with Dr. Elrath in his house, the key disappears and you can not get in his house anymore without lock-picking
– Fixed: Quest log problem
– Fixed: Zaknadrix dialog option disappears to go to the Pocket Universe
– Fixed: Can kill both Yoram and Otho -> no hint for Goemoe, story hangs
– Fixed: Vampire in cave problem with immortal status during scene
– Fixed: Can not tell Mardaneus you found Georges murderer in the COS
– Fixed: Stormy weather does not stop anymore after defeating the talking tree
– Fixed: Can not tell Otho about curing both patients before having talked to Goemoe
– Fixed: Victor and Antoinette, one of them does not get removed
– Fixed: Timmy region triggering scene is on hill
– Fixed: Malachias, can not give him gold anymore after meeting him for the first time
– Fixed: Trevor dialog, can expose Tingalf at the first time
– Fixed: Scenes hanging around Aleroth
– Fixed: Council of Seven Scrying scene problems
– Fixed: Key opening
– Fixed: Elmer Vignus did not give the brooch
– Fixed: Receive quest to find George’s Murderer when his body, not when Mardaneus asks you
– Fixed: Scene hangs in Ionas dungeon when Arhu shows equipment
– Fixed: Entering final dungeon and scene hangs
– Fixed: After godscene game hangs in wastelands
– Fixed: Killing demon of lies with death scorpions

Divine Divinity Retail
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