Divinity: Original Sin 2 “Patch (Update) 8 – v3.0.226.993 (Steam version of the game)


Patch notes:

– Game Master Mode: Fixed Medusa head giving wings instead of snakes
– Game Master Mode: Fixed a bug where selected talents of creatures were blocked or removed after saving and loading
– Game Master Mode: Fixed a bug where NPCs could lose assigned abilities and talents
– Game Master Mode: Player can no longer send a party invitation to a possessed creature, which broke the GM’s inventory
– Game Master Mode: Custom GM adventures now allow GM add-ons
– Game Master Mode: GM can now set lockpick level
– Game Master Mode: GM or possessed creature should not see game shroud
– Game Master Mode: Skills given by GM are now in the correct section
– Game Master Mode: Skills given by GM can now be unlearned
– Game Master Mode: Fixed items taken from creatures being marked as stolen
– Razer Chroma support added for compatible devices
– Clarified options with tooltips
– Controller UI: Can now identify items in another character’s inventory
– Set all ghosts to ‘Floating’ by default
– Multiple text fixes
– Fixed name reset when someone joins in Character Creation
– Removed the confusing error message ‘Connection to the Larian support server failed’
– Fixed Arran’s treasure table
– Private party quests now share updates with the party
– Removed Global Chat
– You can now remove player marker from map in controller UI
– Fixed crash when started from GeForce Experience
– Fixed crafting list being locked until you visited runes panel
– Fixed turn counter appearing on Source Mute status after dismissing and re-inviting player
– Fixed crafting progression bar not showing sometimes
– Fixed permanent statuses showing a turn counter
– Fixed controller UI renaming character requiring two confirmations
– Fixed terrain transmutation scroll icon
– Fixed Source fountain showing internal name
– Fixed tooltip issues where they’d disappear or not show anymore
– Fixed issues with the prompt to hold ‘B’ to end turn
– Fixed skills sometimes not being added to available skills pool
– Fixed empty portraits when clicking accept in character creation before fading is done
– Fixed right clicking terrain sometimes not cancelling queued actions

Installation: extract to the game folder. Tablet is not required
Game version: (Steam)

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