Ex Machina “Global Change mod v1.2”


Description and instructions:

Global Change mod v1.2

You are greeted by the Global Change mod v1.2, or rather its creator. Let’s look at its changes:
1. Expansion of the encyclopedia;
2. Adding the 2nd slot, as acting, to such machines as a hunter and fighter (all can be tested in the South);
3. Added new boot screens and old ones are scattered (in the future there will be even more boot screens);
4. Almost every car now has its own unique body (everything can also be checked in the South);
5. The camera while driving the scout GT can now be removed as with conventional trucks (but when passing the plant in Ignott, it’s better to approach it otherwise you will not see how the scout moves through the pipes and around the corners of buildings!);
6. The game starts on the bug.

To put the mod on the game, copy the data folder (downloaded) and paste it into the C: / Program Files (x86) / Ex Machina folder (by default) replacing the files (agreeing with everything).
Enjoy your testing)!

Ex Machina “Global Change mod v1.2”
Upload time: 13.03.2018
Size: 626.14 MB

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