Ex Machina “Rebalance KTO Mod 5.0”


Probably everyone was not comfortable playing the masterpiece game of their years, with at least the masterpiece fashion “KTO Mod”, but with a wild balance of fuel tanks and weapons. This mod modifies this.
Changes concerning fuel tanks:
Increased the volume of most entry-level fuel tanks:

1. The volume is increased to 70 liters. 2. The volume is increased to 100 liters. 3. Up to 200 liters. 4. Up to 400 liters. 5. Up to 450-liters. 6. Up to 500 liters. 7. Up to 600 liters. 8. Up to 800 liters. 9. Up to 1100 liters. The rest remained unchanged.

Increased ammunition weapons more than twice. For example: Vulcan – 800 cartridges, and it became – 2000.
Screenshots, I think, are not needed. Enjoy the game.

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