Far Cry “Fix for playing multiplayer”



Description and instructions:

This file helps to play multiplayer (in the network game did not try, only in the local).

What you need to have:

Game. Patch. Maud. Fix.

Game + Patch:

You need the game Far Cry (with patch 1.4)


Need the same mod Contest island: invasion (Island of competition: the invasion)


And of course this fix.


Fix put with a replacement in [path to the game] \ Far Cry \ Bin32

I have it personally C: \ games \ Far Cry \ Bin32

Starting and connecting:

Mod to install in C: \ games \ Far Cry \ Mods

Go to the game. Open the “Mods” and select the Contestle

Next, open the console (the letter Ё, the same is: `and ~. Under the Esc key and above the Tab button)

And we write \ connect (the one we want to connect to)

How to find out what your IP and server creation are:

We go to “Contest” – “Create”, select the necessary parameters and click “Start”.

Without selecting a command, your IP will be written in the upper right corner.

Successful fights!

(In fashion, there are also bots with which you can chop into multiplayer (they are better than bots in Far Cry))

Far Cry “Fix for playing multiplayer”
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