Farming Simulator 15 “FERRARI 458 ITALIA”


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Do you feel like your heart is beating? Still – released the fashion Ferrari 458 Italia. What is a Ferrari and why are crazy guys and girls crazy about it? We do not have to explain. In this case, we are dealing with a sporty supercar Ferrari 458 Italia bright red. In reality, such a car without a run costs about 300 thousand euros. As you know, you will get it cheaper. Of course, if you play Farmer Simulator 2015. It is obvious that such a machine is clearly not for transporting potatoes in the front seat. But if you just want on a decent, decent car in your favorite game, download and test. Thanks to the Ferrari 458 Italia, you can get from point A to point B not just quickly – lightning speed! There is an animation of the main elements: the passenger script, doors and windows, the rear window. In general, the machine leaves a very pleasant impression, which is not surprising.

Farming Simulator 15 “FERRARI 458 ITALIA”
Upload time: 22.03.2018
Size: 12.91 Mb

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