FIFA 11 “French team”


French team

Composition: Lloris(VR)(Tottenham),Power(Stuttgart),Remi(Marcel),Varan(real),Umtiti(Barcelona),Pogba(MU),Conte(celsi),Matuidi(Juventus),Nzonzi(Sevilla),Griezmann(Atletico),Dembele(Barcelona)

Stock: Mandanda(VR)(Marcel),Areola(VR)(PSI),Mbappe(PSI),Cinema(PSI),Giru(celsi),Fekir(Lyon),Cowen(Marcel),Lamar(Monaco),Mendy(M),Hernandez(Atletico),Sidibe(Monaco),Talissa(Bavaria)

And again, another star team from me in France.Want said that is there I forget who wrote what other teams wanted to see Ecuador and the rest.Is there teams in the world which I previously laid out (Croatia,Belgium) I put again won’t composition did not menyalsya practical. While working on the world teams. Download via CM11. 29.06.2018 updated.

FIFA 11 “French team”
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