FIFA 17 “Forms MU and Liverpool, flags and banners Champions League and Le”



1.Download the archive-unpack to a convenient place in the folder Hair, Kit
and a folder with the program) further new forms it will be more convenient to throw in the same folder

2. Run the program FrostyModManager

3.In this program, next to the Profile window click + and create a new profile
MANDATORY NAME SHOULD BE 1 V 1 with profile in FIFSE 17
(if I have a profile in the “Settings” fief, then in the program I created “Settings”)

4. Press Import Mod and in the window that opens, select the folder where
there is a file of the form and we add it, we do the same with Messi’s hairdo
(I personally have the form set and a new hair color Messi is not)

5. After the form appeared in the window of the program, click Launch –
the program is minimized and fifa is launched with a new form

Running the fif from the shortcut form will be old, running through FrostyModManager-new

When new forms come out-put them in the Kit folder and then repeat step 4,
import it into the program


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