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Developers FlatOut 2 Reborn took the best from FlatOut 2 and FlatOut Ultimate Carnage, adding a lot of innovations, and reworking the game almost completely. There is no place for a quiet ride, crush your opponents to smithereens! Rush through the abandoned water canals, picturesque fields, racing tracks, the desert and many other interesting trails, leaving rivals far behind. In this game you can make a real mess on the road! Your main goal is to survive, and to come first, showing who is in charge here! If you have few conventional races, there is a derby mode, in which the real battle for survival begins! Destroy all rivals, and stay alive even if your car has lost the wheel! For the most crazy drivers, there is a trick mode in which you can play your driver, for example, in darts, or bowling! After training in a single player game, there is an opportunity to prove your superiority in online battles up to 8 players.


Dedicated master server for playing on the network;
Game update system;
Music Manager, which allows you to add your own songs in .ogg format;
Ability to change the language, without downloading additional hands.
4 new cars – Bonecracker, Grinder, Stryder, Fastline. The list will be updated with updates.
Practically a complete change in graphics, thanks to new technologies that are implemented by the game tools.
New effects of smoke, dirt, nitro, sparks, explosions, broken glass, glare, lighting.
High-quality textures.
Advanced mode of network game with new game modes – Derby for survival, Race with a turn, Hunter-victim.
Very flexible setting of a single game before the race.
Change the time of day on the slopes.
New camera effects.
Fixed most compatibility issues.
New sound effects.
A completely new soundtrack.
The function of disconnecting the player from the server, without a temporary ban.
Sound notification when the second player enters the game lobby.
Destroyed cars now continue to burn.
7 skins for each car, instead of 5.
The maximum length of the standard nickname is increased to 17 characters.
Change the maximum number of players on the server, without re-creating the room.
Easy access to the settings directly from the online game.
Show active servers right in the launcher.
Modified menu, a new background video.
Addition of the localization of the game.
Optimization of the code of game scripts, to increase the speed.
Increase the range of drawing game objects.

FlatOut 2 “Reborn”
Upload time: 26.02.2018
Size: 2.62 GB

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