FlatOut v1.1


Description and instructions:

The patch fixes issues with the departure of some drivers from nVidia, and also makes some more changes.
* Fix for the nVidia 66.93 drivers. The game no longer crashes. The game has also been tested to the 67.03 drivers with no problems found.
* Engine fire burns aligned to the car’s coordinates, e.g. when the car is upside down.
* Tuning menu: BHP meter and colors.
* Flip back and forth to statistics screen and the BHP grows bug.
* Force feedback slows game in some cases.
* 5.1 sound support is not working on some setups.
* Disconnects when returning to the lobby in multiplayer games.
* When the game is briefly minimized before starting a multiplayer game, sometimes gives a blue screen (this is quite rare, but it does happen sometimes)
* Only 2 players can play if NetLimiter is installed.
* Bug with public ip detection, if the commandline network options are used.
* Enabled a switch to allow the player to turn off the ragdoll in a single player (located in the Options Menu).
* Enabled multiplayer destruction derby.

FlatOut v1.1
Upload time: 26.02.2018
Size: 3.68 MB

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