[GOG] Patch Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice 1.01.1 (14291) to 1.02 (14748)



Description and instructions:

Summary: A bug fixing patch that addresses the range of issues reported since Patch 1.01. The patch includes fixes across subtitles, gameplay and audio. In addition to the bug fixes, mouse sensitivity options and DualShock 4 support.

Full list of changes:

• Various subtitle messages across the game.
• Fixed a potential progression stopping issue where the player could not progress beyond the 4th shard Challenge after focusing on it.
• Fixed an issue where quitting the game and reloading it during the Blindness shard challenge caused post FX to be lost.
• Fixed an issue where Senua was stuck in the animation of ladder climbing.
• Fixed multiple issues across the game where the player was able to bypass collision.
• Fixed a rare issue where Senna would not revert from her combat stance after defeating the enemies at the Gate to Helheim
• Fixed an issue where inverting Y-axis in the options menu would not be saved.
• Fixed a potential issue where activating photo mode as enemies are spawning would cause them to animate in slow-motion until struck.
• Fixed an issue where quitting the game during cut scenes would cause audio to be lost after reloading.
• Fixed potential progression stopping issue after finishing the Valravn boss fight.
• Fixed potential issue in Beast cave where Senua’s torch would not be visible.
• Fixed a potential issue where a brazier in the Fenrir Cave is missing.
• Fixed a potential issue where lighting would disappear after completing Surtr.
• Fixed a potential issue where some symbols in the Valravn section are not illuminated.
• Fixed Senua occasionally missing her sword.
• Fixed miscellaneous audio issues.
• Fixed minor graphical issues.
• Added mouse sensitivity to the options menu.
• Added Dualshock 4 controller support.
• Fixed a potential issue where the game would be on the black screen for PCs with an AMD CPU.
• Changed the default keys for left and right target switching when playing on mouse and keyboard to ‘Z’ and ‘C’.
• Support for AMD VSR and Nvidia DSR.

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