Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories “Right analog stick patch (PPSSPP)”


A patch for the PPSSPP emulator that activates the camera’s ability to control with the right stick for all supported gamepads.


  • Go to settings PPSSPP and open the tab “system” scroll down until you see “Cheats Experimental”. Once you have found this menu, check the box next to it as shown in this picture. 
  • Then, locate the installation folder of PPSSPP, it should be located under the folder “memstick/PSP/CHEATS”. If you do not have a folder “CHEATS”, then create it and then perekinte you downloaded the file.
  • Start the emulator and enter the game. After that, press ESC and you will see a tab with the name “Cheats” and below “Create config game / delete game config”. Open it. All your cheats should be displayed there, and only one should have a check mark. Restart the game and check the right stick for performance.
  • Profit!

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