Grim Dawn Update (GoG)


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Fixed several crashes associated with Multiplayer. If other issues persist, please report them with details regarding the number of players, what the players were doing and the game mode.
Fixed an issue with Mastery Pets becoming unsymed when swapping equipment that boosts the rank of the associated skill. Pets becoming unsummoned when increasing the rank of the skill in the mastery itself is intended.
Fixed a bug where reputation earned notifications would not appear.
Quest notifications will now word wrap on smaller resolutions.
Default network MTU set to 1400 if its setting does not exist in options.txt. (if you are experiencing an issue where you can not interact with NPCs / Monsters in MP, make sure this is set correctly in C: \ Users \ USER \ Documents \ my games \ Grim Dawn \ Settings \ options.txt)


Adjusted monster Armor scoring with level, particularly on more heavily armored enemies. Reduced% Protection bonuses for monsters gained on Elite and Ultimate difficulty (and Challenger / Gladiator difficulties in the Crucible).
Fixed an issue with 2h Melee and Ranged weapon requirements unintentionally increasing with V1.0.1.0. Overall this will result in slightly lower requirements for these weapons than in V1.0.0.9.
Fixed an issue with Beronath, Reforged’s Elemental to Physical conversion not applying to Elemental dots (Burn, Frostburn, Electrocute).
Fixed Transfer Stash tab costs being higher than intended.

[Class & Skills]

Counter Strike: fixed missing + 5% increase to activation chance from V1.0.1.0


Fixed an issue where the Familiar would deactivate its Storm Spirit aura when changing Combat Stances


Phantasmal Blades: reduced Energy Cost scaling with rank
Fixed an issue where Nidalla’s Hidden Hand would change the attack of the WPS skills it modifies.


Fixed an issue with Pet Attack Command preventing Wendigo Totem from activating its auras.
Fixed an issue with Wendigo Totem not triggering Celestial Procs.
Fixed a display issue with Storm Totem incorrectly displaying Electrocute damage if the Transmuter is taken.
Fixed an issue with Primal Strike’s Torrent not dealing its% Weapon damage component fully.

Grim Dawn Update (GoG)
Upload time: 22.02.2018
Size: 23.6 MB

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