Grim Dawn “Update (Hotfix 1)”



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Installed on the game version of Grim Dawn GOG: + Ashes of Malmouth DLC + Crucible DLC + Loyalist Upgrade DLC

V1.0.5.1 hotfix 1

[A game]

Fixed a bug with several item skill modifiers for pets, when they were not stacked, if the character is equipped with 2 identical modifiers.
Fixed a bug with several achievements of the Ancient Grove, which were not unblocked. This correction is not retroactive.
Fixed a bug in which a reward was not awarded for the execution of the Coven’s order of the Ugdenskaya Topi for the murder of Ragarroth.
Mage Killer Set: added lost modifiers 60 burning / electric shock / frostbite in 3 sec. for the Ignaffar Flame skill specified in patch
[Classes and Skills]


Fixed a bug with an excessive vulnerability to bleeding damage caused by the Spirit Blades skill.

Grim Dawn “Update (Hotfix 1)”
Upload time: 13.03.2018
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