Hearts of Iron IV “Update 1.5.4”


Update for Hearts of iron 4 version 1.5.3 to version 1.5.4

Update v1.5.4:

  • Added information dialogs to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Fixed an issue common in China where takeover of nation territory from events and during war would drop all foreign occupation.
  • Fixed a crash in some mods when an admiral would gain spotting traits in a certain order.


Run the installer in the Update folder, in the installer specify the path to the installation directory of the game (choose the folder of the game), after the installation is complete, copy the files from the CODEX folder to the main directory of the game.

Hearts of Iron IV “Update 1.5.4”
Upload time: 6.09.2018
Size: 14.32 MB

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