Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days “Nude Anti-censorship”



Description and instructions:

I know that they did, but the feedback was mixed, including the fact that the file is not working, so keep a more stable version.
Nude-patch removes censorship from the game Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days. Without it, the game becomes more interesting, stiffer and more realistic. If you want to see what really happened on the streets of Shanghai, when there were Kane and Lynch, then this patch is for you. But remember, the sight is not for the faint of heart … blood, sweat and genitals. Which quite corresponds to two friends!

To install the patch, you must:
– download archive;
– Unpack it;
– Run the K & L2-Censor-Remover.exe file, select the Locations folder in the Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days directory in the Scenes folder.

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days “Nude Anti-censorship”
Upload time: 26.02.2018
Size: 18.15 Mb

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