Kingdom Come: Deliverance “Patch 1.3.1”


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FOR GAME Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Update v1.3.1:
Now the game has a function “Save and exit” (progress will be saved when you exit the game).
Saving is much more reliable, and saving will not be spoiled, even if there is a failure while saving.
Improved performance.
Switching LoD is improved, which reduces the number of pop-ups and improves the rendering of textures.
Stammering in some diologists is corrected.
Slightly more smooth frame rate with Vsync = 30 fps (Console and some PCs).
Improved weapon locking.
The new interface design makes it much easier to hold the master key while turning the lock.
Light and very simple trunks are now easier to block when playing with the controller. (The mouse has not changed)
You will no longer be caught if you stop at the beginning of the mini-games. (If someone does not see you)
The risk score is now much more accurate. When green, you are sure that you will not be caught.
Alchemy’s table will no longer throw you.
The last quest with Lord Capon is now displayed on the map.
The guards will not often deceive you (fixed with a frequent failure to suggest deception to the guards).
Now your horse should not get stuck when jumping with a fence.
The items of the horse are cleaned together with the player’s items in the baths.
You can see by looking at the house.
You can sleep on the beds without sitting down first.
Leveling stealth, secretly past the enemies are more realistic.
Sneaking past the sleeping NPC is now easier.
Some easily accessible chests with extremely good prey were removed.
Cave Mushrooms can now be found in many other damp places.
You can no longer automatically make potions that you did not brew manually at least once before.
German voice acting will no longer be cut off in the middle of the video.
At the end of the game, the player’s strength will decrease.
Some fighting perks, which were inadvertently overcrowded, were set up.
Weapons are smaller than high-level statistics.
Now it is much harder to kill enemies with one blow. (If they are not wearing a helmet, stupid …)
Enemy archery is improved.
Fixed “No-purpose attack” “Untargeted attack”.
The fighting system of shooting enemy archers improved.
Enemies now react to the battle more aggressively.
Added Turkish subtitles.

And many other minor tricks.
(PC only) You can now select different types of anti-aliasing.
(PC only) You can now set VSync (vertical sync) to 30 fps or 60 fps or completely disable.
(Only for PC), the Steam Cloud is enabled.
And more than 300 other fixes in various quests.
Improved CPU load balancing – increased performance.



Kingdom Come: Deliverance “Patch 1.3.1”
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