Kona “Update 1: x32”


Description and instructions:


Here are the things we fixed in the latest patch…

  • We fixed the headlight bug and hid a second one, just in case
  • You can now keep all random pictures you take (new tab in the journal)
  • We fixed the disappearing Iron Box bug (it should reappear in your inventory)
  • We fixed “The Hunt” achievement (it will unlock when you reload a save in which you found all crossbow bolts)
  • We added a light to be able to see the map in the car at night
  • Radio interacting icon in the car is now hidden when holding the map
  • Various minor bug fixes and optimizations

…and the things we expect to ship in the coming weeks:

  • We will add an option to delete pictures in the journal
  • We will add an option to disable quick loadings between areas
  • We will add Russian language for texts, interface and subtitles
  • NVIDIA will whitelist Kona in its driver to support Ansel and other NVIDIA features
  • We will fix the bug with the notification stuck on-screen
  • We will fix the bug of the night that never triggers

Along with this update, we are proud to announce that the original soundtrack by CuréLabel will be available as a DLC on our store page soon!

MESSAGE TO KICKSTARTER BACKERS WHO PURCHASED THE DIGITAL SOUNDTRACK: you should receive your Steam key within an hour! If there is anything, contact us at [email protected]


Not only do we love the screenshots you guys are sharing on Steam, but we’re now working with NVIDIA to bring the magic of Ansel to Kona. Ansel allows any player to freely move the camera around to take gorgeous HD screenshots, 360° panoramas and VR-compatible stereoscopic images of the game.

Ansel is already supported, but not yet whitelisted in the official drivers. You shouldn’t have to wait long for the update to arrive, but for those who are eager to try it out, you can simply open the command line, paste the following line (including quotes) and press enter:

“C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel\Tools\NvCameraEnable.exe” whitelisting-everything

When it’s done, pressing Alt-F2 anytime during gameplay (except during cutscenes) will open Ansel. Note that this requires a compatible graphics card (NVIDIA 600 series and up). We’re going to share more details about Ansel in another update.

That’s it for today’s update! Let’s finish this in beauty, here are three handpicked screenshots from the community:

by Rainer

by Silent Winds

by UN0W3N

Enjoy the weekend 🙂

Kona “Update 1: x32”
Upload time: 28.02.2018
Size: 61.44 MB

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