LEGO Worlds “Update 2-3”



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Update 3:
-The Crash that was introduced by yesterdays Patch (Completing quests that resulted in the player being awarded an LXFML or Item) has been resolved and is now live. We have also updated a quest we discovered had an issue during test as well (Dino Tracker Protection Quest against the Coelophysis)

Update 2
Patch Notes;

– Improved Performance around Volcanic Biome
– Improved Gold Brick receiving animation speeds
– Improved Performance when painting with White Glow effects
– Corrected missing Russian Localisation strings in Online
– ONLINE: Improved Host performance on Galaxy Map
– Resolved instance of players not being able to discover additional animals when a quest is active.
– Improved Copy Tool Quest on Starter World 3
– Resolved Client Save Data being overwritten after exiting Online Game.
– Added F1XTRS Cheat Code
– Resolved Multiple Crashes to Desktop
– Resolved Terrain damaging ability to open Chests
– Improved Chest Item Drop ratios (will be continually improved in next update as well).
– Resolved Games hanging on 11% and 52% when loading Worlds.
– Unlocked Bricks remain unlocked after travelling to new World.
– Resolved Vehicle Tab being unusable after entering LEGO Building Instruction codes.

Console Specific;

– PS4: Solved Crash when Host quits the game for both Host and Client
– Improved Performance around Lava
– PS4: The on-screen keyboard now correctly appears when the player selects ‘Enter Code’ on the dashboard menu
– PS4: Updated and corrected Japanese Region Controls scheme
– Xbox One: No longer crashes to the Xbox Home screen and causes a second console to enter an indefinite unresponsive state when the user sends a game invitation after previously accepting a game invitation.

LEGO Worlds “Update 2-3”
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