Little Nightmares “AutoPatch for game” AutoPatch for game “



Description and instructions:

Patch for computers with 2 (3) nuclear processors that do not support SSE4 or higher. On single-core processors this patch works, but alas the game is made on Unreal Engine 4, which leads to inevitable friezes (suspensions) as this engine is more optimized for at least 2 nuclear

INSTRUCTION (We read very carefully !!!)

1. Unzip to the folder “<Disk>: \ … \ Little Nightmares \ Atlas \ Binaries \ Win64”
2. Start in this folder the file “StartGame_x32.exe” or “StartGame_x64.exe”
3. We are waiting for the game to start and a short melody will be lost (negative :))
4. Switch from the game to the program window “StartGame” with the combination of keys “ALT + TAB”
5. In the line where “LittleNightmares.exe” is written, there are numbers (usually 4)
6. Enter them below after the line “INPUT PID PROCESS A GAME:” and press “ENTER”
7. We wait until another short melody is lost (positive :)) and the program closes
8. Let’s go to the game using the “ALT + TAB”
9. Have a good game!

P.S. You have to run every time and on some machines there are suspensions (friezes)

Little Nightmares “AutoPatch for game” AutoPatch for game “
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