Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 “NSUNS3 Modpack v1.0 of TheLeon_x”


Naruto Ashura (Rikudo, for special intellectuals) Replaces Utakatu (both suits)
Naruto KCM (Connection with Kurama, well, or for the simple "VERY BRIGHT NARUTO," For special intellectuals) replaces Killer Bee
p.s Since Killer Bi has two versions, I closed one slot for Killer Bee and left only one with Naruto, for special reasons, I will not explain, because still do not understand
Sasuke The Last (Sasuke from 10 films, for special intellectuals) replaces Khan
p.s Sasuke's first suit with ordinary eyes, the second with a sharingan and reninganom
Sasuke with the Reningan replaces Sasuke EMS (well, or on a simple, the newest Sasuke in 3 storm, for special intellectuals)
Itachi has a new Susano from NSUNS4Sakura has moveset from NSUNS4 (Moveset - receptions / combos, etc etc for special intellectuals)
Naruto hermit has new Renaissance effects with special effects (No moveset, just new effects)
Sarada replaces Sakura PTS (PTS - characters from season 1 of Naruto, for special intellectuals)
Abundant from the revolutionary replaced Hanzo
p.s he was so ported from 4 storms, but for special intellectuals pointed out how out of the revolution, for they will think of Obito Rikudo
Obito rikudo replaces Toby Akatsuki (well, or in the orange mask, for special intellectuals)
Madara Ricudo replaces the Man in the Mask
p.s Madara is still in beta version, so it will change with each new pack Obito Berserk (well, or Obito Zetsu, for special intellectuals) replaces Kabuto Kaguya replaces Kimimaro


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 “NSUNS3 Modpack v1.0 of TheLeon_x”
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Size: 144.22 Mb

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