NBA 2K14 “ALL Roster – 2017 All-Star Weekend”



Description and instructions:

NBA 2K14 ALL Roster – 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend (updated 6 February)

There are new tracks, a zagr.screen and so on, if desired (archive 2K17 Presentation for NBA), copy the contents of the folders to the folder with the game, replace if necessary.


Unpacking followed by the replacement of files.

1) Unpack the Med’s NBA archive Appdata files in it the folders with the files they are simply copied to the folder (Saves) 2K Sports> NBA 2K14> Saves (this is the most important) the saveers are usually located on the path From: \ Users \ computer name \ AppData \ Roaming \ 2K Sports \ NBA 2k14 \ Saves (I have another way for example ..) or use search

2) All other archives contain modifications (courts, faces, form) when unpacking you will see folders with files that have the extension .iff copy to the root folder of the game with a replacement, that’s it. If everything is right we go into the game, we find Option-Load – the choice will be Med’s Roster Assoc for the career of downloading once and Med’s Roster Exhibition for a simple game – constantly with a new entry to the game, I play a career, I rarely have to use.

NBA 2K14 “ALL Roster – 2017 All-Star Weekend”
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