No Man’s Sky “Patch 1.37 (14918) to 1.381 (15370) GOG”



Description and instructions:

List of changes in the patch (from October 3, 2017)

New system of preservation
* Now you will be presented with 5 game save slots (each of which can be used for any game mode). Existing save will be displayed in these slots
• Selecting an empty slot will start a new game, which allows you to select the game mode, in the mode selection menu
• Currently there are two sub-slots for each save – one for auto, one for manual
• Running a new game without existing save will lead you directly to the selection mode
Improvements and changes
* Made the temperature range of dead planets more diverse
• In flight, weather effects now vary in strength and depending on the altitude
* Now the analytical visor can be used to scan the farm plants and view the remaining growth time
* Analysis Visor can scan ships to determine their class, type and value at a distance
* The visor analysis can be used to see the approximate distance of the resources detected by the scanner
* Added error message when saving scanner does not find outpost
* Added the ability to skip black bars when a planet or solar system is detected
* Prevent the cursor from resetting to the center of the page when you switch between the pause menu
* Outposts now provide protection from hazards
* Added a chance for pirates to spawn earlier than usual when a player is deformed into certain systems to add more variety to intelligence and trade
• The Galactic card now recognizes the sensitivity settings of the user’s mouse
• The Galactic card now recognizes the inversion settings of the user control
* Prevention of trade terminals with a negative number of shares
* The made trading terminal values ​​of shares are replenished with the passage of time
* Divided stock levels for trading posts and space stations in one system
• Lush biomes in survival mode now sometimes exist without the aggressive presence of the sentinel
• Reduced the slowdown of the cursor’s user interface when using the panel
* Improved NPC ship target selection in space battles, prevented them from reacting to a random player’s fire
* Added exotic ship sound for ships AI and NPC
* Added the ability to transfer items to containers or from them in a basic or commercial vehicle
* Added hint text for explaining the planet icons on the discovery page
* Added the ability to sell items from cargo ship slots on terminals
Storms on wet / lush planets are no longer toxic; wet / lush planets now have a chance that their rain will be very hot. Note: no new storms have been added, and the frequency of the storms has not been adjusted. Wet planets that previously had freezing rain storms at 1.3 had that type of storm change on heated rain.
* Added the ability to transfer items from cargo slots during maintenance
* Improve trade by providing NPC with independent stock levels
* Make NPCs that give directions refer to a wider distribution of seats
* Added the ability to reset the reset key

* Fixed bug due to which some delivery missions constantly informed players about visiting other systems
• Fixed an issue where the requirements for completing some missions may change when you talk to the NPC
• Fixed problems with zooming with creature icons
* Fixed a bug due to which mining units sometimes incorrectly produced georidium
* Prevent the placement of mining units within each other
* Fixed a bug due to which the base parts, including storage containers built outside the radius of the base building in unlimited building mode, were not transferred when the player moved to a new base
• Fixed a problem where a storm of prone planets could be called “soft.” The frequency of the storm was not corrected – the text should now more accurately describe the weather conditions.
* Fixed a bug due to which the sound of the terrain manipulator periodically continued after the editing of the relief
* Fixed a bug due to which the hologram of the manipulator of the relief remained in one place after subtraction from the relief
* Fixed a bug due to which the terrain manipulator sometimes created longer lines than anticipated
* Fixed a bug due to which when the vessel’s crosshair was incorrectly displayed
• Fixed the Load all button on the discovery page is not deactivated after use
• Fixed a button for hints in the ship’s wiki
• Restored spectral classes in the galaxy text map
* Prevention

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