Obduction “Update 3”


Description and instructions:

The patch contains an update of 1, 2, 3

Completely new features!

• Support for Oculus Rift VR:

○ VR is played back on the Oculus Rift. Support Oculus remote and a wide range of gamepads. Two traffic modes are available: Blink (teleportation), and for free. Allows sedentary and standing games.

• NVIDIA Ansel and HDR Support:

○ In addition, support for NVIDIA HDR and NVIDIA Ansel is added, which allows gamers to capture stunning 3D 360 panoramic screenshots in super resolution, customizable with subsequent filter processing and shared with friends. Details on how to view the screenshots can be found on the NVIDIA GeForce blog.

• Support for Razer Chroma:

We are pleased to announce that we have added support for Chroma-compliant products made in Razer autopsy. If you have Chroma with the support of a mouse, keyboard, mouse pad, or headset, you will notice that nowadays autopsy lights up these peripherals according to the events in the game. We added the following Chroma effects for autopsy (minor spoilers forward):

○ Blank blue + black breathing effect when in the main menu
○ Respiratory effect between two prominent flowers in the modern world
○ Binding effect between worlds (keyboard only)
○ photographing flash effect

(If you have chrominance support for peripherals and want to disable them, open the GameUserSettings.ini file and change the value of bIsKeyboardLightingEnabled to “false” and restart the game.) The parameters for this in the game will come in the future update.)


• Millions of patching and zone boot improvements. This should help improve the loading of the hitch in all areas.
• Fixes for license plates with different graphics / resolutions settings
Now • Marker marks should be much easier to read at lower resolutions
• Erik overthrew the tombstone. That’s bad luck, Eric.
• Fixed grills on the seed machine only by being interactive on the top of the grip instead of the entire grill.
• Many small improvements and optimizations in art in Hunrath
• Improvements and optimizations in the field of technology in Kaptar
• Improvements and optimization for fog and smoke effects at low quality settings
• fixes for playing video in Maray
• Fixed bugs in some closing doors at the wrong time in some conditions in Maray
• Multiple patches for various control panels


• Fixed Back of the function buttons in the menu does not work.
• Improved support for the gamepad in the program to view photos
• Fixed a bug in the language of the change correctly not to save under certain conditions
• Fixed “Load” error text does not fit in the text area on the download screen for multiple languages.
• Zoom in the surrounding field to allow for longer words to show.
• Fixed bug, delete and copy dialogs not localized correctly in the save menu
• Miscellaneous Fixed localization problems
• Now you can go through the photo albums with the keys.
• A dialog box appears with the user notified when they try to copy the game, but there are already 10 game saves.

Technical stuff

• Other nodes, patch, etc.
• Automatic detection of graphics at startup.
• Fixed ViewDistanceQuality settings.
• Fixed problems with logging in and out of the mine trolley as in free-roaming and point-to-click
• Inputpad adjustments


• Adjusted volume levels for some levers and doors in Hunrath

• Fixed the game icon is not displayed in the taskbar windows in some conditions
• Fixed bug, not supported OS languages ​​could not be called by loading and empty menus
• Fixed some missing Baker Rewards messages
• Photos now have a slideshow option
• Photos previously taken must be sorted correctly
• Photos will now appear for users with foreign or special characters in their Windows, the user account name
• The reward of the Baker points to the pop-up window is disabled by default in the game. This can still be enabled via the options menu
• Updates for the navigation node
• Fixed errors passed to get stuck in rocks under certain conditions
• Bug fixes in Gauntlet
• Fixed Kaptar generator pistons losing the correct state at boot
• Fixed a bug for the player falling out of the world on a new game and load game in some cases
• Stacked input motion is removed. Unfortunately speed of runners.
• Improved use of video memory
• Many node updates in all worlds for the point and click mode
• Updates to manage the game tablet
• Fixed bugs in some dialog reproduced in wrong areas
• Lock with an odd ava

Obduction “Update 3”
Upload time: 28.02.2018
Size: 3.68 GB

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