Online PESmakers path v.1.0


Features Online PESmakers v path.1.0 by Splendidis :

  • Rivals in the division looking normal;
  • In the patch there are more than 1800 faces for players;
  • Most teams form displayed in HD. Also many teams more than 3 sets of forms. At inter Milan there are 2 classic forms;
  • New pads for players;
  • 100 actual boots from Wens and Oxarapesedit, a lot of players has those shoes in which they play currently on 12.01.2017;
  • Updated goalkeepers gloves, many players has those gloves where they play currently on 12.01.2017;
  • Added HD turf and rain;
  • Added HD mesh gate;
  • Added TV Popas and info. schedule English Premier League ;
  • Added teams, their logos, shapes such clubs as Shakhtar Donetsk, Spartak Moscow, Zenit St. Petersburg, Zorya Luhansk, Dnipro.(Compositions a fake, as the patch is intended for online);
  • Added many clubs their real coach, have the correct names and surnames, have a photo;
  • Added pack of 50 balls in HD quality;

The archive is a text document set that read it, there are described, as well as watch the video.

Online PESmakers path v.1.0
Upload time: 13.01.2017
Size: 5.68 GB

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