Operative: No One Lives Forever “Widescreen Fix”


Description and instructions:

This large-format fix for the authorship of some jackfuste is designed to correct the incorrect display of the game The Operative: No One Lives Forever on modern HD-monitors with a 16: 9 aspect ratio, 16:10, 21: 9, and also with 2K and 4K support. Fix complements the picture on the sides of the screen and fixes problems with the sight and centering of the weapon. In addition, the fix includes additional settings for the game on modern systems up to Windows 10 x64. It is recommended to use the GOTY-version of the game (1.004)

To install, just copy the contents of the archive to the folder with the game. Run the game through the launch.bat file (especially in the Russian version), permissions will be available in the default menu.

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