Patch Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties v1.01 EN


Description and instructions:

-Anti-ship base attack reduced to 75.00 (down from 100.00).
-Ranged attacks’ x1.50 bonus against Abstract Cavalry and Abstract Light Infantry removed for non-Asian TownCenters. All TownCenters should be consistent with not having any bonus against Cavalry or Light Infantry.

-All ranged attacks’ damage reduced to 16.00 (down from 18.00).
-All ranged and hand attacks’ x1.25 multiplier against Heavy Infantry added.

Ranged Infantry
-All ranged and hand attacks’ x0.75 multiplier against Abstract Coyote Man added.
-All ranged and hand attacks’ multiplier against Abstract Light Cavalry and Eagle Knight increased to x2.00 (up from x1.50)
-This change affects the following units: Crossbowman, Cassador, Longbowman, Jaeger, Tupi Blackwood Archer, Carib Ambusher, Carib Blowgunner, Incan Bolas Warrior, Klamath Rifleman, Tupi Blackwood Archer, Carib Blowgunner, Cherokee Rifleman, Cree Tracker, Navajo Rifleman, Cherokee Rifleman, Seminole Sharktooth Bowman, Cree Tracker, Renegado, Skirmisher, Strelet, Aenna, Macehualtin, Forest Prowler, Cetan Bow, Wakina Rifle, Arquebrusier, Chu Ko Nu, Iron Troop, Gurkha, Mansabdar Gurkha, Marathan Thuggee, Wokou Monk, and Yumi Archer.

Patch Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties v1.01 EN
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