Patch Battlefield: Bad Company 2 v.795745



Description and instructions:

– Removed some memory leaks
– Fixed crash when the game tries to render too many objects at the same time (high detail, high FOV or system with multiple monitors); this should help users with a multi-monitor system
– The chat window no longer causes lags
– Added option in settings.ini to control the transparency of the chat
– Clantag is now remembered with auto-login enabled
– Now the address of the banner of the server can include up to 252 characters
– Removed SecuROM from non-Steam version
– Minor performance improvements
– Fixed teleports with a large ping (manifested with> 24 players)
– You can make screenshots in the game on the button PrintScreen, they are stored in DocumentsBFBC2Screenshots

The patch is in a self-extracting archive, it is itself installed.
Patch for No-Steam version.

Installation method:

– Run BFBC2_PC_Client_R11_795745_Patch.exe.
– If there are any difficulties after unpacking the archive, then unzip it manually using WinRar for example and run BFBC2Updater.exe

Patch Battlefield: Bad Company 2 v.795745
Upload time: 22.03.2018
Size: 2.44 GB

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