Patch BloodRayne 2 for Windows Vista \ 7


Description and instructions

1) Install the game from the disc.
2) Copy the files from the folder “BR2Patch” in the folder with the game (the answer to the question about the replacement of BR2.exe is answered in the affirmative). In my case this is: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Buka \ BloodRayne 2 \
3) Start-All Programs-Standard. Click on the “Command Line” option to select “Run as administrator”
4) In the opened command line, go to the folder with the game – in my case the command looked like this: Code:
cd C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Buka \ Bloodrayne 2 \ 5) Without closing cmd we open the task manager – it will be needed to track the process patchit.exe
switch to the cmd window and then enter the following commands:

After each command “patchit.exe XXXX.bak XXXX.pod” is entered, wait until the patchit.exe process disappears in the task manager. and only then we continue entering the commands. Code:

ren * .pod * .bak
patchit.exe COMMON.bak COMMON.pod
del COMMON.bak
patchit.exe LANGUAGE.bak LANGUAGE.pod
del LANGUAGE.bak
patchit.exe W32ART.bak W32ART.pod
del W32ART.bak
patchit.exe W32MODEL.bak W32MODEL.pod
del W32MODEL.bak
patchit.exe W32MUSND.bak W32MUSND.pod
del W32MUSND.bak
patchit.exe W32RUSND.bak W32RUSND.pod
del W32RUSND.bak
patchit.exe W32SET.bak W32SET.pod
del W32SET.bak
patchit.exe W32SOUND.bak W32SOUND.pod
del W32SOUND.bak
del patchit.exe

Patch BloodRayne 2 for Windows Vista \ 7
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