Patch F.E.A.R. 1.07 -> 1.08 Patch US



Description and instructions:

List of changes:
– Added the ability to select and reuse explosives and mines installed by the player;
– Limited support for surveillance mode in game modes CTF, Conquer All and Control;
– Added code that improves the algorithm of revival in command modes of the game in accordance with the system of friends. The effect will be visible only on the Stockpile map, as well as on unofficial maps;
– reports of murders and deaths will be displayed both in system messages and in chat. More specific information will be provided only as system messages;
– Fixed a bug that occurred when the first attempt to start the game after switching from the network mode to a single mode (“Disconnected from Server” message);
– supports widescreen images;
– fixed a bug due to which FEAR.exe did not always start after switching from FEARMP.exe

Patch F.E.A.R. 1.07 -> 1.08 Patch US
Upload time: 25.02.2018
Size: 24.86 MB

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