Patch F1 2010 v.1.01



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This patch fixes such problems as:
1. “Save repeats” and their subsequent playback – now you can save the repetitions of your races.
2. “The player stayed in the pit stop too long” – We improved the output logic so that it was not too cautious in the holding players during the pit stop.
3. “The frequency of punctures is reduced” – the probability of punctures was significantly reduced.
4. “No service on the pit-stop” – There are several cases when the pilot was called to the pit stop, but were not able to service the cars.
5. “The first round calculates correctly” – the time for the first round of the race now calculates correctly
6. “Automatically updating the race strategy” – Selecting the main bus from the bus menu (the default choice) now updates the strategy so that the team assigned options during the pit stop.
There have also been several PC enhancements:
7. DirecX 11 – patch activates all the features of DirectX 11. All graphic improvements are configured in the graphics settings, DirectX 11 starts after installing “Ultra” graphics settings, but this luxury will be available to owners of powerful graphics cards that support this feature.
8. Supports multiple monitors – F1 2010 now supports from 3 x 1 and up to 3 x 2 monitors. And now you can make your own cockpit at home.
9. Optimization – Codemasters have improved support for multi-core processors in general, which should lead to improved frame rates on more powerful computers.
10. Additional support – the patch also adds support for SandyBridge processors, as well as support for currently available “modern” processors, like Core i7.
In addition to these fixes, we also made improvements to the game at the request of the fans:
11. “Increased damage” – The damage system was increased. Now that you break the front wing, do not need to fly with all the force into the bump.
12. “Increased rudder support” – Increased rudder support: Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Force Feedback (officially supported), Thrustmaster Ferrari GT Experience (officially supported), Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Pro Clutch (not officially supported, but will work), Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S & GT3 RS2 (both officially supported).
13. “Weather improvements” – A re-improved graphical effect of cars traveling on wet surfaces. The tire tracks were enlarged.

Patch F1 2010 v.1.01
Upload time: 15.03.2018
Size: 23.91 MB

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