PES World Patch 2017 v1.0


Features PES World Patch v1 2017.0 for PES 2017:

  • Full League: Premier League, SkyBET, Serie A, Serie B, La Liga Santander, La Liga 123, LIGA NOS, Bundesliga, LIGA MX, LIGA AGUIL
  • The indicator of the player (don’t know what it is, but as pointed out by the developers)
  • Superior lawns
  • 38 stadiums
  • 29 goals
  • 100 boots
  • 100 goalie gloves
  • 720 persons
  • Mosaic for camp Nou
  • New effects for texter boots and games
  • New fans
  • New menu
  • Added a new song (most likely chants)
  • New lighting effects night and day, reduced lag from them.
  • 13 tattoos
  • and much more.

How to install:

  1. First delete the folder “download” where you installed the game
  2. Then, transfer the folder”download” from the archive into the game folder
  3. And the KONAMI folder to transfer to “my documents”

PES World Patch 2017 v1.0
Upload time: 29.12.2016
Size: 2.91 GB

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