Phoning Home “Update 7”



Description and instructions:

In this smaller update we’ve tweaked the doors in the mothership. There was also a missing collider near the entrance of the ship.

Now you have more than one way to help ANI around. She is needed to detect all the Tetrerium inside.

Furthermore we fixed a rare bug that caused ION and/or ANI to fall through the floor after entering a portal into another area. This has been confirmed fixed earlier today. Thank you, leebigh!

We also tweaked ANI’s fall/collision damage. Since she is smaller than ION, it often happened that ANI took damage after following ION through one of his portals while ION didn’t take damage. This happened often in the Skyscraper sequence or inside the Mothership as seen on the screenshot below.

I know that ION’s and ANI’s journey becomes very difficult toward the end. And from looking at the achievements it appears 5% of you guys have already made it to the final decision. But I’d like to challenge everyone to get there. It’s worth it.

Another fun achievement is this one. Get to the top of the mushroom tree before entering the volcano. 

Phoning Home “Update 7”
Upload time: 15.03.2018
Size: 46.94 MB

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