Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire “GOG PATCH from to”



– [Mac/OSX] Resolved issue with loading into a black screen on Macs with Intel Integrated Graphics Cards.
– Mouse clicks now properly resister for users using the Korean IME in windows.
– Player Dispositions should change less drastically for small decisions.
– Level Scaling now enables correctly when toggled on.
– Players can now set or save cloned AI behaviors for all classes, and quick saves will not be lost when doing so.
– Fixed multiple Pillars I imports that were importing the incorrect state.
– Fixed a permissions issue that was blocking some players from loading saves.
– Fixed a combat related memory leak (should improve some FPS on long play sessions).
– Players are now able to subdue Scyorielaphas even if all the wards are destroyed.
– Crew members on Story difficulty can now be killed if they mutiny.
– Players who are hostile to the pirates of Fort Deadlight will find the door to the Court open to prevent the NPCs keeping them in combat without being able to be engaged.

– Eder’s end game state from Pillars I has been fixed.
– Watchers who took the baby orlan in Pillars I will now see her in Vilario’s Rest.

– Various VO fixes to the Vox Machina voice sets.

– Custom AI settings should now save changes when adding new conditionals or abilities.
– Gold, Greed, and Guts achievement now unlocks when loading a save that has completed the quest.
– Pillars I history creator now removes options from the list once a choice has been made to prevent confusion.
– Various Credit fixes.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire “GOG PATCH from to”
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