RUINER “Patch 1.0 (15226) to 1.01 (15443) The GOG”



Description and instructions

* Fixed problems with DualShock 4, which causes a potential lock in the game.
* The effect of slow motion when raising weapons is triggered only when enemies are nearby.
* Fixed the disappearance of HUD after the struggle of cyborgs with human trafficking.
* Fixed enemies that did not appear during one of the battles with the Angel.
* Fixed a deafening feat on the bosses.
* Now you can make the game louder than before, I hope, fixed the problem with a too quiet game on some computers.
Customize the user interface:
• Miscellaneous environmental controversy and gameplay corrections.
Balance settings gameplay:
* Easy difficulty is facilitated.
* Normal and hard levels of difficulty were slightly tuned for an even smoother gaming experience, as a whole the enemies are not gunshot resistant, the hero takes a bit less damage on normal difficulty.
* All long-range weapons used by the player have been set up, their shells are much faster, which makes it easier to hit the enemies.
* The mother block laser has slower tracking, making it easier to avoid.
• Noisy grenades cost 50% more energy.
* Plasma and Vulcan reversal of shooting was narrowed.
* Damage feedback has a better visibility on the character of the player.

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