Stellaris “Update v.1.9.1”


Description and instructions:

The update requires version 1.9.0. There is no special unpacker, but only an archive with updated files. They need to be abandoned with a replacement in the root folder of the game.


– fixed broken tile graphics in colonization and resettlement screens
– fixed issue where the humanoid frontier outpost model was incorrectly swapped with the mammalian one
– reverted a previous GUI fix that caused anomaly windows to display blank or cut off
– fixed issue with human preset and custom empires not spawning at all, as well as the Space Platypus, because that’s a travesty
– fixed off-center turret positions on military stations
– fixed the Technocrat VO name
– fixed some low-repro possible crashes
– fixed the Plantoids Species Pack being rendered with remarkable brevity in the launcher as simple as “Plantoid”
– fixed a crash that happened when you shift-select a fleet and a spaceport, then try to click on the spaceport in selected items

Stellaris “Update v.1.9.1”
Upload time: 30.01.2018
Size: 7.81 Mb

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