Stellaris “Update v2.1.3”


You need version 2.1.2 or higher to upgrade. There is no special unpacker, only an archive with modified files. They need to throw a replacement in the root folder of the game.

List of changes:

Updated the game for GDPR compliance (basically, a once-only popup on first launch of 2.1.3 with some legal text to read and accept, as now required by EU law)


* AI will no longer accidentally try to research already researched technologies
* Mardak purgers fleets no longer use bouquets of flowers as the warheads of their missiles, and their bombardment can now actually cause damage
* Fixed the Unbidden Portal being vulnerable while the Extradimensional Invaders still have active Anchors
* Fixed literally unplayable typos
* Fixed a case of COUNTRY_UNITY out of sync
* Fixed an out of sync with COUNTRY_ENERGY
* Fixed Contingency starbases being so confident in their imposing demeanor that they didn’t bother to use their weapon slots
* Fixed broken text string for the upkeep of gene warrior armies
* Fixed pacifist description for the ancient mining drones event wrongly referencing your home system instead of the one where the drones were
* Added game rule exception to allow you to take hostile action against factions that have conquered your planets, meaning situations like the mutant horrors event can now be properly resolved
* Enigmatic Cache traits can no longer be applied through gene modification, so you can’t spam them on all your planets outside the intended scope of the event
* Fixed Impossible Organism event to allow Nivlacs to be spawned on any planet with free housing, not just the capital
* Fixed advanced start AI empires not getting all the extra colonies they should start with

Stellaris “Update v2.1.3”
Upload time: 17.09.2018
Size: 26,44 MB

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