Syndicate (2012) “Fix lighting (DeBloom v0.3)”



Description and instructions:

After the release of the stylish shooter Syndicate, for the creation of which Starbreeze Studios was responsible, it was a long time, but only recently came an unofficial fix, almost completely correcting the problems of unnecessarily vyvvyglaznogo bloom-effect in the game. The author of the fix with the nickname Poor Otis also recommends that you turn off the vertical synchronization in the game, causing problems with responsiveness of mouse control.


Before installing the fix, run the game until the main menu appears at least once. To install a fix, just copy the contents of the archive to the win32_x86_Release folder. The changes will take effect automatically. If you suddenly start experiencing performance problems, open the file antilag.cfg and change the value of RenderAheadLimit = 1 to RenderAheadLimit = 2.

Syndicate (2012) “Fix lighting (DeBloom v0.3)”
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