Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege “Patch v2.2.2”


Description and instructions:

From the folder Update.v2.2.2, drop all the contents in the root folder with the game. Install on top of v2.2.1
2 GB of RAM is required for decompression


08/08/2017 12:00 PM

Update 2.2.2 will come into force on all platforms on August 9, 2017. In this important update, the changes will be made, which will be the basis for further improvements in the game in season 3, and some serious mistakes are corrected. Operation Health will end with the launch of the third season: you will find a lot of interesting innovations.


The ability to conduct custom games on dedicated servers was added in February 2016, and now we plan to lower the requirements for this mode and completely translate it to this type of server. Previously, players who wanted to get to a dedicated server needed to collect a full line-up in the lobby (10 people) 10 minutes before the start of the battle, otherwise the game was played on the peer-to-peer network. When the innovation comes into force, just two players in the lobby will be enough to start the game on a dedicated server. As a result, there will be more opportunities to improve the gaming experience – especially for those players who do not want to participate solely in the battles of “5×5 users”.

Another change in user games on dedicated servers will be disabling the ability to be the leading lobby through the Internet. Now a full-time host of the game will need to use the connection over the local network.

Dedicated Servers for the Antiterror Regime

The situation with the change of the presenter in the “Antiterror” mode is a thing of the past. Soon games of this type will be conducted only on dedicated servers. The stability of the gameplay is one of the most important aspects of the struggle with the White Masks organization.


The exchange of information between allies is extremely important for the gameplay of Rainbow Six. In this regard, we decided to implement an improved voice chat service for all platforms, the work of which will be organized on dedicated servers. Vivox will allow to stabilize the process of voice communication and at the same time to reduce the load on the channel. This innovation will give players the opportunity to successfully maintain contact with partners, especially if Fuze gets to the hostage. First, this function will appear on the PC, and then, when we are convinced of the high quality of its work, will be implemented on consoles.


The animation of jumping in the mode using the sight will be changed to better reflect the aiming vector. Previously, in such situations, it took some time to play the animation. If an operative used a gun sight, the player who watched this from the outside, it was difficult to determine exactly where his enemy was aiming. In update 2.2.2, this point will be corrected so that the enemy is no longer confused.



In gratitude for the continued support of the Rainbow Six Siege and Operation Health, we give the players the “Caduceus R6” badge. All who played in the Rainbow Six Siege from May 23 – the start of Operation Health – at the beginning of the third season, will receive this element of personalization.


The main goal of Operation Health is to prepare a solid foundation for the long-term support of the Rainbow Six Siege. We want to make sure that the new servers really increase the stability of the game process. To do this, a series of function checks will be conducted on the technical testing server (CTT), which will be introduced into the game. Last week, we tested the improved servers and will soon analyze some other aspects, including the operation of several systems outside the peer-to-peer network.

Our teams will study the results of each phase of testing. If at least one of them shows a problem, the implementation of updates can be postponed for a while. Our goal is to improve the quality and stability of servers. This can only be achieved if each change is 100% complete.

Advanced Servers

The hardware of the new servers will be more powerful than the current ones, which will allow to establish the overall stability of the game process. The changes will affect both the system for registering hits, and cases of desynchronization, and the total waiting time, and many others. etc. While you can try these new technologies only on CTT: the date of implementation of changes in the game itself will be determined later, when we get all the test results.

Deleting the Peer-to-Peer system

We will remove the functionality of voice chat and group, working on the principle of “Peer-to-Peer”. Now it will be easier to join friends on the game to form a group, and at the same time the convenience of communicating with the allies on VOIP will increase.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, we will clarify: at the moment all rating and non-rating, as well as some user games are conducted on dedicated servers. Deletion of the system “Peer-to-Peer” is not related to the functionality of the games themselves.

Local mode for PlayStation 4

Collect a team from friends living nearby: PlayStation 4 will launch the game mode on the local network! The output of this function is scheduled for the 3rd season.



FIXED – Players could install the camera “Oko” operative Valkyrie at a certain point and get an overview of the entire card “Bank”.

FIXED – When activating an explosive mounted on a certain surface, the characters trapped within the range of the device did not receive any damage.

FIXED – In some cases, the fragments of the destroyed amplifications continued to be displayed.

FIXED – When using the laser target designator, the scatter during shooting from shotguns was reduced.


Seizure of position

FIXED – The position capture could be interrupted if the character crossed the wreckage.

Camera observer

FIXED – When watching a player moving through the basement on the Oregon map, the camera began to switch from floor to floor.

FIXED – When switching between “first-person” and “third-person” cameras, the operative, which was being monitored, was displayed incorrectly.

FIXED – The color of the metal doors on the map “Bank” was changed to orange.

Custom Game

CORRECTED – The data centers selected by the presenter changed with the beginning of the game.



FIXED – When activating the charges of IKS-KAYROS, a certain part of the reinforced wall did not collapse.

CORRECTED – Sometimes when the gain was destroyed with the help of ICS-KAYROS, the fragments were displayed incorrectly.


FIXED – If the Glaz operative, using a special device, was observing through the window at a certain angle, the enemies were not displayed.


CORRECTED – “Yokai” could not move across the garage ceiling on the “Bank” map.



FIXED – If the character in the “2E – Service Stairs” point was carrying a hostage, the model of the latter did not interact properly with the wall model.

CORRECTED – The walls on the southern and eastern sides of the point “2E – Rest room” were indestructible.

FIXED – When approaching the refrigerator in the cafeteria, a certain animation was reproduced cyclically.

CORRECTED – There was no gain on the wall at the point “P – Pantry”.


CORRECTED – Sometimes metal bars over servers interfered with the review with the help of the Oko camera.

FIXED – When faced with metal rods at the point “OUTSIDE – Top Roof”, the characters did not take damage.


CORRECTED – Operatives of the submarine could climb up to the canvas at the top of the structure.

FIXED – When activating the breakout charges at the point “2E – VIP-hall” the floor did not collapse.

FIXED – Models of operatives incorrectly interacted with models of objects at the point “2E – Penthouse”.

FIXED – When moving through the ventilation shaft at the point “OUTSIDE – Service Window” the movement was difficult.

FIXED – Character models interacted incorrectly with models of surrounding objects, and therefore operatives gained access to blocked points.


CORRECTED – With the help of the shield, the security team operatives could use a vulnerability that allowed the killer to kill at the entry point.

CORRECTED – Characters could not install devices at the point “BO-2E – Radio Room”.

FIXED – After the jump into the water the models of “bots” were displayed incorrectly.

FIXED – When installing the device on a specific wall, the intensity of the light increased.

FIXED – Players could penetrate the blocked points.


FIXED – If the character passed through the window at the point “OUTSIDE – South – Balcony”, his movement was difficult.

FIXED – With the help of a melee attack, the characters could destroy the wooden panel near the eastern staircase, from which a view of the door in the southern part opened.

FIXED – If the character occupied the position of lying on the furniture at the point “2E – Fountain”, he could kill the enemies on the other side of the indestructible wall.


FIXED – Bot “of the operative Twitch was destroyed when he passed a stone at the point” OUTSIDE – Cliff – Forest “.


CORRECTED – Characters could strengthen the wall in the geisha room on both sides.

FIXED – If the character passed between the hostage and the table at the point “1E – Kitchen”, his movement was difficult.

CORRECTED – The characters jumping on the bar could lose the ability to move.


FIXED – If the character occupied the position lying at the point “2E – WC”, his model interacted incorrectly with the wall model.


FIXED – If a user using Uplay PC sent an invitation to another player before he launched the game, the ally did not join the team.

FIXED – The quality of the texture of the “Jeanne d’Arc” element for Twitch was low.

FIXED – The cost of the kit “Loreto” for Capitao in the version of the game for Xbox One was incorrectly indicated.

FIXED – The level of detail for some of the personalization items for Mute was low.

FIXED – When using the “NVIDIA Surround” function, the game was displayed only on one monitor.

FIXED – Sometimes the rank icons of some members of the group are not updated.

CORRECTED – The coloring of “Kabuto” for 9x9VSN was not displayed correctly.

FIXED – The texture on the “Flag of Japan” icon was displayed incorrectly.

FIXED – Sometimes the messages “Waiting for the Allies …” and “Waiting for the Team …” were displayed incorrectly.

FIXED – The level of detail of the “Chocolate Rabbit” badge was low.

FIXED – The level of detail of some of the colorings for SMG-11 was low.


FIXED – Smoothing defects were observed on the “Watch Dogs” badge.

FIXED – Some players could not access the game results.

FIXED – Sometimes operatives from the previous game were displayed in the results table that opens before the operative selection menu.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege “Patch v2.2.2”
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