Watch_Dogs “Antifreeze v.4 (Final)”


Description and instructions:

The fourth (final) version of the antifreeze for Watch_Dogs:

Key Features:

-Places hangs in the game (by Dax1)

-Removed annoying Ubisoft logo

-The menu correctly displays all items (Continue the game Pearce, etc.)

-In the archive there are two folders: with buttons icons from PSX / XBOX gamepads (by DIMITRY TECH)

-Added volumetric headlights (by dax1)

-Emergency in asphalt from the sirens of police cars (by worse)

-Improved light from the searchlight from the helicopter (by worse)

-Solar beams from E3 2012 (by TXGT)

-Realistic traces of bullets in glasses (by MARDUK)

-Protect the camera in the car’s interior

-Realistic lights from headlights (something reminiscent of the one from NFS 2015) (by LUNAYAH)

Fixes in v.3:

-In comparison with the previous version, due to incorrect work, dynamic shadows from car headlights were removed

Fixed a bug with constant rainy weather in the game

-Fixed a bug with displaying characters instead of costumes

-Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to pass Bad Blood (the car was falling into the texture)

-Added 7 new suits (without replacing the original) (by infiniium)

-For a variety of textures in the game, Parallax Texture Mapping (volume illusion) was added, performance is not affected (by Silver)

-Changed the color of vegetation from acid-green to realistic (by Dansw’s)

Fixes in v.4:

-The ripples of trees are corrected

-Added Bloom from E3 demo

I do not claim the authorship of these graphic modifications, everything is done and collected only for the convenience of the end user.

Installation: the contents of one of the folders to choose from (v.4 PSX buttons or v.4 XBOX buttons) put in data_win64 with the replacement of files

Watch_Dogs “Antifreeze v.4 (Final)”
Upload time: 26.02.2018
Size: 230.42 MB

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