Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “The New Swords of Katana”



Description and instructions:

Title: New swords of Katana
Author: CaptTylor

The mod was created based on the version of GOG GOTY 1.31. Thus, the mod does not support compatibility with the low version. Please understand this.

– My mod has conflicts with another mod that changes the playing time. Therefore, if you have problems with the error of playing time, you should choose between the mod or others.

How to get Katana:
Now you can buy it from the seller of fish in Novigrad.

– KatanaDLC -> to dlc folder
-ModWeaponKatana -> to the Mods folder
Unpack and place them in the dlc and mods folder.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “The New Swords of Katana”
Upload time: 22.02.2018
Size: 6.1 MB

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